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If you don’t know where to turn after being injured in a pedestrian accident, you are not alone. Pedestrian accidents in the Atlanta area happen more often than most people realize, and the injuries can be devastating for victims and their families.

If you were hit by a driver while walking, running or riding a bicycle, it is important to know your full range of options for getting the compensation you need for medical expenses, lost income and other costs resulting from the injury. At Jensen Law, LLC, our attorneys can explain your options and help you start putting your life back together.

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Pedestrian Accidents And Insurance Coverage

Often the most pressing question people have after a pedestrian accident is how they will get insurance coverage for their injury. An option that is often overlooked is uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance — also known as UM coverage.

Many people don’t know that they have this kind of additional insurance, which can often be used to cover the costs of pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. Additionally, if someone in your household has UM coverage, it may be possible to use it to cover your injury.

We can help you review your insurance policy or that of someone in your household to determine whether UM coverage is a possibility for you. We can also represent you in your personal injury claim to help ensure that you get the maximum available coverage.

Hit-And-Run Pedestrian Accidents

It’s an unfortunate reality, but some drivers are inclined to flee the scene after hitting a pedestrian. Even if eventually caught, the hit-and-run driver may come up with all kinds of excuses, saying it wasn’t clear that a human being had been hit by the vehicle. At Jensen Law, LLC, we help victims of hit-and-run collisions get the compensation and justice they need to move forward. Please see our hit-and-run accident overview to learn more.

Our personal injury attorneys can help you understand your full range of options for getting the insurance and financial compensation you need after a pedestrian accident. Please see a sampling of our case results and client testimonials for an idea of the great service and representation we provide.

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