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Any kind of collision, whether it involves a car, truck or motorcycle, can cause serious injuries that could affect your life for years to come. If you were injured in an accident that was not your fault, the personal injury attorneys at Jensen Law, LLC are here to help.

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Don’t Let The Insurance Company Take Advantage Of You

If you are the victim of an auto accident, it is important to act immediately to protect your interests. At Jensen Law, LLC, our car accident attorneys are committed to helping crash victims and their families. We have helped hundreds of people navigate the complicated process of recovering money for injuries and the related costs.

Even if the person who hit you is clearly at fault, an experienced personal injury attorney at our firm can help ensure that you are treated fairly during the claims process. Insurance companies are notorious for reducing or entirely denying compensation for accident victims with legitimate claims. Don’t let that happen to you. Put Jensen Law, LLC on your side today.

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We Fight For Truck Accident Victims

The damage from tractor-trailer collisions is often severe, and the resulting injuries can be catastrophic. There are very specific rules and regulations that apply to owners and operators of tractor-trailers. Those rules are different than those that apply to other drivers. Cases against tractor-trailer owners, operators and their insurers can be complicated, but we know how to get results.

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Proven Advocates For Injured Motorcyclists

Motorcycle owners are passionate about their bikes. It is more than a hobby — it is a lifestyle. But when a driver fails to notice a rider on the road, the collision often results in severe injuries or even death. Our team of attorneys is committed to helping motorcycle riders and their families protect their rights. We have successfully represented riders in complex cases, including those involving collisions with oncoming traffic.

Hit-And-Run Accident? Know Your Options.

Even if the person who hit you has not been caught, you may still be able to secure medical and financial recovery for your injuries and damages. Most people believe that if they are hurt in a hit-and-run accident, there is nothing that can be done to help them. In most cases, that is wrong. We have helped many victims injured in hit-and-run collisions recover money for their injuries and property damage.

For example, in many cases, uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance (UM coverage) is available to help cover the costs of a hit-and-run accident, but often people are unaware that they or someone in their household has that coverage.

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Getting Compensation For Minor Impact Soft Tissue (MIST) Injuries

Insurance adjusters are trained to tell you that you must be “imagining” your pain if there was no significant damage to your vehicle. Even a low-speed impact can transfer significant force to your body and cause permanent injuries. Our trial team has experience explaining the MIST myth to juries and recovering significant damages for harms and losses stemming from soft tissue injuries.

We Handle Many Types Of Cases

Jensen Law, LLC serves clients who have been injured in many types of motor vehicle accidents, including:

Whatever your situation may be, you have nothing to lose by contacting us for a free consultation. We handle personal injury cases on a contingency-fee basis. That means you don’t pay if we don’t win.

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